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Opiskelijat vaihatvat kokemuksiaan L&T:stä työpaikkana


Be a professional in the circular economy or in facility services! At L&T, you can enter the working life right away, even if you are still a student, a recent graduate, or considering a career change. You can apply to work at L&T right away. Once you are working with us, apprenticeship training, internships, and thesis work can be conveniently done alongside your job.

Career paths for students and young people



Do you want to study and work at the same time?

  • Apply to work at L&T and mention during the application process that you are interested in apprenticeship training.
  • You can also inquire about apprenticeship training from vocational schools or adult education centers in the field.
  • We constantly collaborate with institutions such as Careeria.
  • Apprenticeship training offers you the opportunity to complete a secondary vocational qualification while gaining work experience.


Do you want to experience working life and gain practical experience?

  • You will have the best chance of getting an internship if you are already working at L&T.
  • You can apply for an internship by contacting the local unit closest to you or the leader of an interesting function.
  • Also, remember to follow the announcements from your educational institution for open internship positions, as we also recruit interns directly through schools.
  • You can apply for an internship with us regardless of your educational level.


If you are a university student and have a specific thesis, master's thesis, or research topic in mind

  • that is related to L&T's business (circular economy, environment, or industry), please contact our recruitment team using the contact form.
  • Provide as much detail as possible about your topic so that we can help you find the right contact person, and use "Thesis Idea" as the subject of your message.
  • Many students working on their thesis already have a role at L&T, but this is not a requirement.

Why start a career at L&T?


Learn something new

At L&T, your work experience starts from the first day. You will always receive an orientation for your task. Later on, you can enhance your skills through apprenticeship training or other training programs.


Get a team

When you start working at L&T, you will have nice and skilled colleagues from whom you can learn something new every day. Additionally, you will always have a supervisor who is ready to support and coach you. You are part of a work community where people enjoy working together.



At L&T, you will receive at least the minimum wage according to the applicable labor agreement for your work. Your salary will be paid on time and according to the agreement. You will also always receive a written employment contract and work for a reliable and responsible company.

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Who can apply to L&T?

  • At L&T, you can start working without previous work experience, while studying or as a recent graduate.
  • You can apply to L&T even if you are only 14 years old, but some tasks require you to be 18 years old.
  • A relevant education in the field is not necessary, but basic education in cleanliness, property services, logistics, electricity, HVAC, and/or environmental studies is beneficial.
Opiskelijat - 1x1-1200x1200 - L&T työpaikkana - Kesätyö

Start at summer job

L&T offers nearly 1,000 summer jobs every year all around Finland, so there are jobs available for you and your friends. The application period is open every year from January to April.