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Open positions in sales

Shine as a sales professional at L&T! We are constantly looking for brave and ambitious sales professionals or those aspiring to become one, in various parts of Finland, from microenterprises to large corporations. At L&T, you are the guiding star of your own sales area. This is your opportunity to make an impact and do meaningful work in a responsible and evolving company.

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Couldn't find the open position you were looking for?

L&T offers several different expert roles where your sales background could be beneficial.

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You will be given responsibility, freedom, and encouragement

At L&T, you have a unique opportunity to show what you are capable of in sales. Your role is independent and versatile, and best of all, you will always receive support from a skilled and dynamic team as well as your supervisor. At L&T, we give you the right amount of responsibility, freedom, and encouragement to succeed in your sales work. It's no wonder that most L&T employees recommend L&T as a workplace.

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You will have interesting development opportunities

No matter what your sales role is at L&T, you can influence the content of your work and participate in continuous improvement. You can grow in your own role, challenge yourself, and further your education. Build a career path according to your own goals or stay with us for a long time - we support you on your journey. At L&T, you can learn new things about selling different services and progress from a salesperson to a manager or from a manager to a business area leader.

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You will have functional services, processes, and tools

By joining L&T, you will work for a company that is the right size, profitable, and a Finnish listed company, with plenty of work despite the changes happening in the world. Your success will be supported by the services valued by customers, efficient processes, and modern tools. You will also have the opportunity to meet customers face-to-face and enjoy flexible hybrid work. In addition, you will receive a competitive and encouraging salary and various benefits, such as fitness vouchers, wellness coaching, massage visits, dental and eyewear reimbursements, and specialist doctor visits.

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You will have the opportunity to sell and mitigate climate change

At L&T, you will work for one of the most responsible companies in Finland. L&T's goal is to mitigate climate change, and you can be a part of this change. Think about it, the more you sell, the more we slow down climate change. We provide you with training on key circular economy and sustainability topics, so you don't need to be an expert in the field beforehand. The desire to do meaningful work is enough.

Sales work at L&T

  1. Passion for identifying customer needs and connecting them to circular economy services

  2. Creating offers and daily customer meetings on the road to success

  3. Continuous collaboration with other stakeholders to achieve results

  4. Strong support and clear goals and metrics for monitoring job performance

  5. Modern tools, flexible working hours, and the opportunity to use your own car

  6. Comprehensive training in the circular economy, so previous experience in the field is not required

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Explore sales positions in more detail

Sales manager

Sales Manager is responsible for leading and developing the sales of a specific area or specific customer accounts with their team. The Sales Manager acts as the supervisor and coach for the designated sales team. You may also have your own designated customers.

The responsibilities of a Sales Manager include setting sales goals and achieving growth targets, developing the national sales strategy for the designated customer segment, and acquiring new customers.

Customer Relationship Manager

Customer Manager is responsible for the development of designated customer accounts at a regional or national level. Their task is to manage and strategically grow the customer relationship, acting as a link between the customer and L&T, selling additional services and implementing them within the customer account.

Responsibilities include, for example, identifying customer needs, preparing offers, conducting negotiations and monitoring customer satisfaction, as well as leading sales projects.

Sales Negotiator or Service Sales Representative

Sales Negotiator is responsible for selling services to small and medium-sized customers regionally. This includes contacting customers, ensuring customer satisfaction, preparing and negotiating offers, introducing new services, and maintaining customer and contract information.

Service Sales Representative is responsible for handling contacts from small and medium-sized customers nationwide, often remotely. This includes contacting customers, especially in termination situations, ensuring a successful customer experience, upselling, preparing and negotiating offers, and maintaining customer and contract information.

Quality Inspector

The quality inspector in property maintenance or cleaning is responsible for managing and maintaining customer relationships in a designated area and ensuring customer satisfaction in that area.

Tasks include developing everyday services for existing customers, identifying expansion opportunities, making development and upselling proposals, selling new services and preparing offers for small customers in the area. The work also includes reporting and collaboration with service production and customer service.

How to apply?


Prepare your application

Prepare for job search by writing a cover letter and updating your CV.


Register as a job seeker

Once you have found a position, create an applicant profile in our recruitment system or log in to your previously created profile. 


Submit your application and CV

Fill out the application in the system and upload your CV. You can apply for multiple positions with the same application.


Thank you for your application

You will receive a confirmation email when your application has been received. As the recruitment progresses, we will contact you by email or phone.