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Open positions for supervisors

We regularly search for supervisors and service masters who are enthusiastic about leading people and have at least some previous experience in a similar role, in different parts of Finland. In these positions, you are always at the forefront of everyday management and the trusted person for our employees. As a supervisor, you are responsible for the smooth running of your team.

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Couldn't find the open position you were looking for?

We are constantly looking for new talents for various job positions and functions, many of which could also be suitable for you.

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You will have functional processes and tools for your everyday work

You are an important part of our company's daily work. You will have a clear job description and processes, as well as functional tools and equipment to support your work. The most important thing is that you are present and accessible. Despite clear processes, you can have a lot of influence on how you do your work and when, as long as your team functions well and customers remain satisfied.

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You will receive support if you need it

You will always have a designated supervisor and become part of a network of experienced and skilled supervisors who will provide support if you need it. In addition, every day you will have the support of a large group of professionals in areas such as HR and finance, whose task is to ensure that you can succeed in your work. Regardless of your title, you can always reach out to a colleague and ask for help if you need it.

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You will have the opportunity to grow and develop

 As a supervisor or service master, you are always a key player in how our daily routine works. You will always have the opportunity to influence the content of your daily work and improve processes by participating in various development projects. You can grow in your own role and certainly challenge yourself. You will always receive comprehensive onboarding and continuous additional training. You can also build your own career path or stay with us for a longer time if you are motivated to do so.

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You will be part of a responsible and reliable company

You will have the opportunity to work in one of Finland's most responsible companies, which has the goal of mitigating climate change. In your role, you will help make the circular economy a reality. In addition, you will always receive your salary on time and the appropriate benefits. You can also work in hybrid roles. We also take care of your well-being at work, and you can enjoy a wider range of occupational health services. We offer various trainings, massages, dental care, eyeglasses, specialist doctor visits, and much more.

Supervisory work at L&T

  1. You are able to manage and organize your daily routine in any situation

  2. The well-being, satisfaction, and safety of your team are at the center of your work

  3. You are comfortable working with people and have previous experience and training in supervisory positions

  4. You are proficient in using various modern tools. You are also able to communicate in English

  5. You will receive comprehensive onboarding, clear goals, processes, and metrics to support your work

  6. Your working hours can be flexible, including evenings or weekends, and you can take advantage of flextime arrangements

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Learn more about the responsibilities of supervisors

Service master in cleaning or property maintenance

As a service master, you serve as the designated team supervisor for either cleaning or property maintenance. You lead and coach your team so that everyone can perform their work with professionalism. You conduct team meetings and annual development discussions, as well as recruit and onboard your team members.

Your role is to ensure the well-being and satisfaction of your team, as well as to lead the work safety of the team, investigate near-miss and accident situations, and be responsible for corrective actions. Having a B driver's license is beneficial so that you can meet your team at customer sites.

Service master intern in cleaning or property maintenance

As a Service Master intern in cleaning or property maintenance, you will work as the supervisor for the employees at specific locations for 50 - 50 procent of your working time. In your role, you will be responsible for organizing the employees' daily activities efficiently, providing training and ensuring workplace safety.

You will also participate in customer cooperation as agreed upon and ensure customer satisfaction. The internship and the mentoring you receive during it will help you progress in your career towards becoming a Service Master. Having a B driving license is beneficial for you to be able to travel to customer locations. You will have a mentor who coaches you during the internship.

Waste management or hazardous waste supervisor

 As a waste management or hazardous waste supervisor, your task is to independently handle diverse supervisory tasks. You will lead your team's work with a skilled and consistent approach, and if necessary, you will also roll up your sleeves and assist the team in practical work. As a supervisor, you are responsible for ensuring that the service production runs according to plan and that all tasks are completed. This includes taking care of shift planning and managing the team's work capacity and job satisfaction.

You are responsible for the functionality of the services in the designated area. Additionally, you will actively maintain contact with designated customers and ensure their satisfaction with the service they receive. Ensuring employee safety is one of the most important aspects of your role. You will also have administrative tasks, such as processing purchase invoices. Having a work safety card, knowledge of chemicals, and a C driving license are beneficial for you.

How to apply?


Prepare your application

Prepare for job search by writing a cover letter and updating your CV.


Register as a job seeker

Once you have found a position, create an applicant profile in our recruitment system or log in to your previously created profile. 


Submit your application and CV

Fill out the application in the system and upload your CV. You can apply for multiple positions with the same application.


Thank you for your application

You will receive a confirmation email when your application has been received. As the recruitment progresses, we will contact you by email or phone.