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Sustainability at L&T

The world has changed forever. Climate change, loss of nature and the continuous dwindling of natural resources and energy affect us all. The circular economy plays a key role in solving these challenges.

We make Circular Economy a Reality

We work every day for a better society: for the resources to be sufficient for future generations as well. A responsible way of operating is inseparably part of our strategy, our business and our everyday work. For us, it means supporting our customers' responsibility work, reducing the environmental impact of our own business, building the well-being of personnel and a diverse work community, and ensuring responsible operating methods throughout our value chain.
Kaupunkimaisema illalla
Kaupunkimaisema illalla

Progress of our sustainability work

We report the progress of our sustainability work quarterly. 


Managing sustainability

At L&T, the management of sustainability is integrated into business management. Sustainability is an element of the company’s strategy. L&T’s Board of Directors confirms the sustainability programme in connection with the strategy and sets the company’s long-term targets.

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Sponsoring at L&T

We are happy to support entities that promote the implementation of the circular economy, sustainable development and social responsibility in our society. If you have a sponsorship target in mind that supports our goals, submit an application to us via the link below. We process applications once a year.