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Sustainability programme

Our sustainability program is based on our mission of circular economy leadership and is grounded in the double materiality analysis. The L&T sustainability program addresses key sustainability themes and encompasses the entire value chain. The focus areas are environment, people, and governance, each with measurable and trackable goals for both the short and long term.

We make circular economy a reality

L&T's sustainability efforts are guided and developed through the company's sustainability program. The program is approved by the company's Board of Directors and takes into account the megatrends affecting our operations, the expectations of our stakeholders, strategic priorities, key aspects of corporate responsibility, and the principles of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Kappaletavara-auto sillalla
Kappaletavara-auto sillalla

Environment: towards full circularity

Our goal is the control of climate change and biodiversity loss, as well as operational leadership of the circular economy. Fulfilling environmental responsibility and promoting sustainable development are the starting point of our business.

Monimuotoinen työyhteisö
Monimuotoinen työyhteisö

People: employed by tomorrow

The focus of L&T's social responsibility is on its own personnel. Our goal is a diverse, professional and prosperous work community.

Asiantuntija poseeraa
Asiantuntija poseeraa

Governance: fair and reliable operations

Our goal is fair and good governance. We want to ensure that no serious damage or violations occur in the company's operations. We emphasize the importance of complying with laws and regulations in our business.

Sustainability guides our work throughout the value chain


In the supply chain

We treat our suppliers and subcontractors fairly and also require them to act responsibly.


In our own operations

Our operations are guided by our Code of Conduct, which all our employees are committed to following.


For customers

We help our customers achieve their sustainability targets and support them on their journey towards material efficiency.

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Double Materiality as the Foundation for Sustainability Work

Our sustainability program is based on the key themes identified in the double materiality analysis, which are central to L&T's operations.