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Sumuinen metsämaisema
Sumuinen metsämaisema

L&T in short

Read more about Lassila & Tikanoja as a company.

We make Circular Economy a Reality

Lassila & Tikanoja is a multi-service company that is making the circular economy a reality. Together with our customers, we keep materials, facilities and factories in productive use for as long as possible and enhance the use of raw materials and energy. Our objective is to create more value with the circular economy for society and our customers, personnel and owners. We operate in Finland and Sweden. The company is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

Key Figures in 2023

802.1 M€

net sales 

38.4 M€

operating profit

8 160


Harju ja vesistö
Harju ja vesistö

Our services move society towards full circularity

We are working in the frontlines to mitigate climate change and biodiversity loss. Our goal is to increase the positive climate impact of our operations, reduce emissions from our own operations and supply chain, increase the recycling rate of our customers and promote biodiversity in the built environment.

Henkilöstö selkäpuolelta
Henkilöstö selkäpuolelta

We make a fair and good working life possible

We think that everyone has the right to a fair and good working life. Ways in which we assume our social responsibility include looking after the work ability of our personnel and offering jobs also to those who are struggling to find employment. We promote diversity and inclusivity in our work community and ensure the implementation of human rights throughout our supply chain.

The Leader of Regenerative Society

Our strategy guides us towards leadership of the regenerative society

Our goal is to be a leader of the regenerative society: an operator who puts plans into practice. We want to provide our customers with circular economy and sustainability expertise combined with the capacity to put plans into action at a practical level.