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Työntekijöitä neuvotteluhuoneessa
Työntekijöitä neuvotteluhuoneessa

Method Development

The goal of the development of methods at L&T is to find more sustainable, safe and efficient solutions to serve our customers.

Tomorrow’s circular economy solutions are brainstormed today

Sustainability requirements are constantly tightening and, at the same time, operations should be made more efficient. At L&T, we work on continuously developing our methods to save raw materials and energy and to help our customers make their own business operations more efficient.

Why we are developing our methods



By providing increasingly sustainable solutions to our customers, we are building a more sustainable society.



We improve the safety and occupational well-being of our employees.



We make our operations more efficient and improve the efficiency of our customers’ processes.

A child can look at an empty cardboard box and see a spaceship. We have the tendency to do the same.
Kaksi poikaa parkouraamassa
Kaksi poikaa parkouraamassa

Long live ideas and creativity!

At L&T, methods are not developed behind closed doors with a small group of people: everyone participates across organisational boundaries. Everyone is free to present their ideas, and they are explored and piloted with a low threshold.

Examples about L&T's development work

Metsämaisema ylhäältä
Metsämaisema ylhäältä

Water purification

In the industry, water purification is needed, for example, when a customer’s plant is closed down for high-pressure cleaning. Traditionally, the process produces a large volume of wastewater.

L&T’s subsidiary SVB has developed a container solution for water treatment. Water treatment plants built in containers can be taken to the customer, allowing the water to be treated on site instead of needing to transport them elsewhere in slurry trucks.

The purified water can be directed back to the pump for reuse. The innovative system makes it possible to only use less than a third of the water used when washing following traditional methods.

Teollisuuspalvelujen työntekijä poseeraa
Teollisuuspalvelujen työntekijä poseeraa

Recovering precipitate with an underwater vacuum cleaner

The bottoms of various industrial precipitation tanks accumulate precipitate, which is difficult to recover and transport away. L&T is developing a caterpillar robot running along the bottom of the pool that will collect the precipitate by licking. The precipitate can be collected faster and more efficiently, and it can be utilised further.


Blasting for cleaner results

L&T has developed its own explosive-based method for cleaning industrial soda recovery, waste and bio boilers in power plants as well as silos and flue gas ducts. Blasting is a quick and effective method since it does not require the plant to be shut down during the cleaning nor the people to enter the cleaning sites.

At the same time, it promotes occupational safety and reduces the risk of corrosion and the amount of waste generated during cleaning.

Kuski viemässä vaarallisia jätteitä autoon

Raw materials and new products from hazardous waste

When processed appropriately, even hazardous waste can be recovered for a wide range of uses. L&T has achieved the highest hazardous-materials recycling rate in Europe thanks to the development of its methods: 70% of all hazardous waste that passes through L&T is safely recycled.

All waste fractions processed at L&T’s own plants continue their lifecycle in some other form. For example, L&T recycles waste oil for reuse, and glycol used in cooling systems ends up as a wood marker used in forestry.