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Managing sustainability

At L&T, the management of sustainability is integrated into business management. Sustainability is an element of the company’s strategy. L&T’s Board of Directors confirms the sustainability programme in connection with the strategy and sets the company’s long-term targets. 

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We comply with laws and regulations

Our decision-making and administration are compliant with the Finnish Companies Act, other regulations governing listed companies, Articles of Association of Lassila & Tikanoja plc, charter of L&T’s Board of Directors and its committees and the rules and guidelines of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.

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We commit to ethical practices

To ensure the sustainability of our operations, we have documented our sustainable business principles in our Code of Conduct, which applies to everyone at L&T as well as our contract suppliers. Where necessary, the Code of Conduct is also supplemented with more detailed policies and principles.

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We manage risks related to sustainability

The management of liability-related risks is part of the company's comprehensive risk management, the goal of which is to identify significant risk factors, prepare for them and manage them optimally so that the company's goals are achieved.

Corporate sustainability management at different organisational levels at L&T

  • Board of Directors

    Confirms and approves the sustainability programme and long-term objectives. 

  • Committees

    Personal and sustainability Committee monitors and regularly evaluates the development of sustainability in accordance with the sustainability programme. 

    Audit Committee monitors the effectiveness of risk management systems and ensures compliance. 

  • President and CEO & Group Executive Board

    Manages the development of the sustainability of business operations, sets targets and monitors their achievement on a regular basis. 

  • Business operations

    Implement the sustainability programme and monitors its implementation with the support of the Group functions. 

  • Group functions

    Develop, coordinate and steer the Group's approach to sustainability and suppoort its practical implementation. 

  • Everyone at L&T

    Is responsible for ensuring that they work in line with our sustainability commitments at all times. 

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