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Diverse and healthy workplace

At L&T, a fair and good working life belongs to everyone. We want everyone at L&T to be able to work in a way that suits their own life situation and to go home healthy every day.

L&T and employees in a nutshell




job titles

‹ 80



% employees in Finland

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Diverse L&T

At L&T, your colleagues can represent over 80 different nationalities, be of different ages from young beginners to seasoned professionals, and have a wide range of expertise, as L&T employs over 400 different professional titles. Overall, L&T has over 8,000 great people working for them, with 85 percent of them in Finland. Each of us brings unique perspectives, different skills, and expertise to L&T.

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Our goal is a diverse and healthy work community

Promoting diversity, ensuring equality, and building an inclusive work environment are our key objectives. We believe that workplace safety and well-being are the foundations for a satisfied staff, supported by equality and empowered by a sense of belonging.

Equality and diversity


Gender Distribution
Women 38 / Men 62

At L&T, men and women are evenly distributed in different job positions. Gender is not a factor affecting salaries at L&T.


Age Distribution
15 - 75 years old

The age distribution is even across different groups. The service business is labor-intensive, offering job opportunities in different stages of a career.


over 80

 L&T is already a multinational work community, and we aim to continue being one in the future. The proportion of foreign nationals in the staff is approximately 20%.

Occupational safety and well-being



We want everyone to go home healthy. Since 2012, we have been systematically investing in the development of occupational safety. Our goal is zero accidents.


Occupoational Health %

The health percentage reflects the proportion of the staff who have been without sick leave during the reporting period. Our goal is to raise it to over 50 percent.


Sickness-related Absence % 5,1

Our sickness absence rates have been relatively low for years, despite the physical nature of the work. We have also been providing our staff with comprehensive occupational health services for years.



Employee satisfaction eNPS 21

We want our staff to enjoy their time at L&T every day. To assess this, we regularly measure the staff's mood and sense of belonging. Our goal is for the eNPS to be over 50.

Promoting diversity

We want you, your colleagues, and other stakeholders at L&T to be treated fairly. We want it to be easy for you and other L&T employees to come to work and enjoy being part of our work community. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, threats, harassment, or bullying in the workplace. We want every L&T employee to feel a sense of belonging, safety to learn, safety to participate, and safety to challenge the current situation. In order to succeed in this, every L&T employee must take responsibility for these matters in their own position.

Employee stories

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Would you like to be part of a diverse work community?

Apply now to L&T and be part of a work community where we work together for diversity every day.