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Recruitment process

Find out all the essential information about how the recruitment process progresses with us. We do our best to ensure that your recruitment process is fair and as efficient as possible. We want you to feel valued by us.

Recruitment process

The typical application period lasts about two weeks, and interviews are generally conducted within two weeks after the application deadline. We will contact all applicants no later than the end of the recruitment process.

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Choose a job and prepare

The easiest way to find job openings is to check out the "Open positions" page or explore different positions on their own respective pages. If you have found an interesting position, write an application, update your CV, and create a candidate profile in our recruitment system, as you will need them in the next stage.

If you didn't find a suitable position for yourself, come back again next week, we open new positions weekly. You can also create a candidate profile in advance and set up a job alert for positions that interest you, so you will receive an email whenever a job that matches your preferences is published.

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Create applicant profile or log in

Register to the recruitment system and create an applicant profile. You can easily create an applicant profile through each job advertisement or by selecting "Log in to applicant profile" under the "Log in" button in the top right corner.

Fill in all the important information for your job search in the applicant profile. Always check your information and complete any missing or changed sections.

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Submit your job application

Always submit your application through the recruitment system, as you will receive a confirmation email. We cannot accept applications via email.

When using the recruitment system, your information will remain secure, and your application will receive fair and equal treatment. You won't need to fill in your information again if you apply for another position. You can also apply for multiple positions at the same time.

Submit your application whenever you are interested. We often review applications before the application deadline, so it is recommended to send your application as soon as possible.

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Follow the progress of your application

Keep an eye on your phone and email to stay updated on the progress of your application. You will receive an interview invitation by phone, usually before the application deadline.

If the job you applied for wasn't the right fit for you, you will receive an email after the application deadline at the latest. Don't get discouraged if you don't receive an interview invitation this time. We have new positions opening up daily, and you can apply for them using the applicant profile you created earlier.

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Prepare for a job interview

If you have been invited for a job interview, be prepared to visit one of our offices. Sometimes the interview can also be conducted remotely, through Teams or via phone. Always notify us if the interview time doesn't work for you.

You may also receive an invitation for a video interview, where you can record your answers to questions at a time that suits you best. You will receive a link via email.

You may also be given pre-assignment tasks and various tests to complete. There can be multiple rounds of interviews as well.

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We will call you if you are selected

If we have chosen you, we will call you within a week after the interview or as soon as possible.

Next, you will be asked to sign a written employment contract. Your supervisor will go through the contract with you and inform you about where and when your work will begin. The employment contract will be signed either in person or electronically before the start of the employment.

If you were not selected based on the interview, you will receive a call from us within two weeks after the interview. We believe that you will find the perfect job with us, so please apply again.

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Are you looking for new challenges?

L&T has hundreds of job openings every day where you can make a meaningful impact on the circular economy and the lifespan of properties.