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Open positions for customer service advisors

We are looking for skilled customer service professionals or those aspiring to become one. Previous relevant experience or education is advantageous in these positions, but the most important thing is that your customer service attitude is on point. As a service advisor, you will be part of meaningful and diverse customer encounters in a reliable company, as part of a top team.

Palveluneuvojat - 1x1-1200x1200 - Avoimet työpaikat - Monipuolinen työ

Couldn't find the open position you were looking for?

We are constantly looking for experts or aspiring experts with a good attitude and common sense for various positions, so this could be your opportunity.

4 reasons to apply to L&T as a Service Advisor

Palveluneuvojat - 1x1-1200x1200 - Avoimet työpaikat - Monipuolinen työ

You will get a diverse job and can advance to almost anywhere

In this job, you will be in the midst of various changing customer questions and needs every day, and you don't have to worry about what to do today. You will always receive comprehensive orientation to all industry services and systems. So all we need is for you to be enthusiastic about different customers and not get overwhelmed by different systems. If you want, you can develop and progress to become an expert in circular economy or a sales professional.

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You will get a team where you enjoy working and that supports you

You will always have an amazing work community around you, which is an integral part of the business and where colleagues from different parts of the organization are always ready to support you. You will definitely collaborate daily with other service advisors, as well as with service production or sales. In addition, you will always have a trained and competent supervisor to support you. You will enjoy it because a positive and proactive attitude towards work and top-notch service attitude have emerged in our employee surveys year after year.

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You will join a company where services, processes, and tools work

 You will have a suitable, profitable, and Finnish listed company as your employer, where there is plenty of work despite the changes happening in the world, and salaries are paid as agreed. In addition, you will get to work with high-quality services in a function that has efficient processes and modern tools and systems. And the best part is that you can also work partially remotely if you wish. In addition, various exercise benefits and well-being coaching are available, as well as discounts on massages, dental care, eyeglasses, and doctor visits through the health insurance fund.

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You will contribute to climate change mitigation

You will get to work in one of the most responsible companies in Finland, whose goal is to mitigate climate change and biodiversity loss. You will enable, in your own role, the realization of the circular economy - every single day and in various customer relationships. However, you don't have to be an environmental responsibility or recycling expert, as all we need is for you to want to do work that has meaning for our environment and to learn new things.

The work of a service advisor at L&T

  1. Includes tasks related to waste management and recycling, sewer maintenance, or property maintenance, as well as cleaning tasks

  2. Customers are served, services are sold, and everyday challenges are solved over the phone or online

  3. The work involves a lot of management of contracts, orders, and customer information in various systems

  4. The work is done on weekdays between 7 am and 5 pm as part of a larger team focused on a specific service

  5. Modern tools are used, and hybrid work is also possible

  6. Continuous support, the right attitude, teamwork skills, and accuracy ensure success

Learn more about customer service tasks

 At L&T, customer service is divided into three larger units, and tasks vary by unit.

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Customer service center - Jyväskylä

Service advisor or senior service advisor

As a service advisor, you will have the opportunity to serve our customers and sell waste management and recycling services electronically and over the phone. In this role, you will actively collaborate with the rest of the customer service team and service production.

Alternatively, as a service advisor, you can serve property maintenance residents electronically or over the phone. In this case, you will work closely with the rest of the team, our property caretakers, and technicians.

As a senior service advisor, you will be in a similar daily role as a service advisor, but in addition, you can act as a close support and tutor for new colleagues in their daily tasks, where you are already an advanced expert.

Service coordinator

As a service coordinator, you are responsible for the daily workload and supervision of a designated team, in collaboration with the service manager and team leader. You act as a support for service advisors in challenging situations, which requires in-depth knowledge of the operations. You identify resource needs related to documentation and provide support for service advisors in challenging situations, which requires in-depth knowledge of the operations.

You manage the core tasks of the team and spend part of your working time on daily service advisor tasks. In addition, you are involved in the orientation and training of service advisors.

Service specialist

You will have the role of a service expert and be responsible for the development and support tasks of a designated team. You will have in-depth knowledge of certain areas of our operations that require deep expertise, and you will act as the team's contact person towards sales and production. You will identify everyday development and improvement targets, plan and implement them independently.

You will also conduct investigations related to various assignments. You will be responsible for orientations, and in change situations, you will act as a messenger but also as an example for others. In addition, you will participate in daily service advisor tasks for part of your working time.

Sales support center - Helsinki

Service advisor

As a Sales support service advisor, you will be responsible for maintaining customer and contract information and providing service advice, working closely with sales, service production, and billing. You will ensure that billing information is generated correctly and you are always ready to solve various everyday situations. You will also have the opportunity to use various systems to support your work.

Service specialist

As a Sales support service specialist, you will take care of various customer-related tasks from planning to implementation. You master the daily tasks of a service advisor like your own, so you will also train and mentor other team members. In addition to the daily tasks of a service advisor, you will also have the opportunity to conduct more extensive investigations or update customer-specific instructions.

Invoicing center - Tampere


As an Invoicer, your main task is to take care of daily invoicing together with the rest of the team using the IFS system. In addition to invoicing, you will be responsible for maintaining customer information, handling billing complaints, and other tasks to support invoicing. You will also actively collaborate with service production. This job is suitable for finance college students.

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