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Laitos- ja terminaalityöntekijät - 16x9-2000x1125 - Avoimet työpaikat - Lassila & Tikanoja
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Open positions for plant and terminal workers

We are regularly looking for new employees for recycling plants or hazardous waste terminals. In these roles, you ensure every day that our customers' waste is transformed into valuable raw materials.

Terminaalityöntekijä - Vaaralliset jätteet - 1x1-1200x1200 - Avoimet työpaikat - Lassila-Tikanoja

Couldn't find the open position you were looking for?

In these roles, you ensure every day that our customers' waste is transformed into valuable raw materials.

3 reasons to apply for a L&T facility and terminal worker position

Laitostyöntekijä - Pullojen kierrätys - 1x1-1200x1200 - Avoimet työpaikat - Lassila-Tikanoja

You get to put everything back into circulation

In these jobs, you get to work towards a better future every day by working at a recycling facility or hazardous waste terminal. You will see concretely how our customers' waste, such as various plastics, cardboard, paper, construction waste, or even oily waters, transform into valuable recycled materials. At the recycling facility, you will get to handle selected materials on a large scale with the help of sorting robots and conveyor systems, and at the hazardous waste terminals, you will learn to analyze the material before processing it. You will always receive proper training for your tasks to ensure your safety.

Terminaalityöntekijä - Vaaralliset jätteet 2 - 1x1-1200x1200 - Avoimet työpaikat - Lassila-Tikanoja

You get to work in a good team

You will definitely enjoy working as a recycling facility or hazardous waste terminal worker if you hope to have like-minded and skilled teammates around you. You can work independently, although these jobs require everyone to be productive, have a calm attitude, and seamless teamwork to ensure that customers' waste is transformed into raw materials safely and in the customer's best interest. During breaks, you can relax as well. In addition to the team, you will always have a designated and knowledgeable supervisor to support you in your work.

Laitostyöntekijä - 1x1-1200x1200 - Avoimet työpaikat - Lassila-Tikanoja

You get paid on time and there is plenty of work

L&T will be your employer, a large, responsible, and Finnish employer whose work continues even as the world changes. You can trust that you will always receive your salary on time and other benefits as promised. Your salary level is good compared to more traditional warehouse jobs. We also make sure that you have the necessary rest periods and moments, as well as comprehensive occupational health services. In addition, you will have access to well-maintained equipment and other necessary tools and equipment, so that you can do your job safely and return home healthy every day.

The work of a facility and terminal worker at L&T

  1. The work is conducted in the midst of large machines and waste masses, so work safety and quality are paramount

  2. The work requires precision, as it also involves handling hazardous and confidential materials

  3. The work is physically demanding due to the large amount of materials being handled

  4. Previous experience in operating a forklift or wheel loader is required, and a C driver's license and professional competence are considered an advantage

  5. The work is usually carried out in two or three shifts, but it is scheduled for weekdays

Laitos-ja terminaalityöntekijä - 1x1-1200x1200 - Avoimet työpaikat - Lassila-Tikanoja

Typical tasks for a recysling plant and terminal worker

  • Unloading incoming loads to the recycling facility or terminal

  • Sorting and handling recycling materials using a forklift, wheel loader, by hand, or with a compactor

  • Maintaining order in the facility and cleaning sorting conveyor lines

  • Recording the quantities of processed materials, if necessary

How to apply for a plant or terminal worker at L&T?


Prepare your application

Prepare for job search by writing a cover letter and updating your CV.


Register as a job seeker

Once you have found a position, create an applicant profile in our recruitment system or log in to your previously created profile. 


Submit your application and CV

Fill out the application in the system and upload your CV. You can apply for multiple positions with the same application.


Thank you for your application

You will receive a confirmation email when your application has been received. As the recruitment progresses, we will contact you by email or phone.