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Open summer job positions

The summer job application for 2024 is still here - this year, over 1,000 summer jobs are available! You still have time to grab a summer job that will be exciting. Apply now for summer jobs as a cleaner, driver, or even a service advisor!

3 reasons to apply for a summer job at L&T

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Choose the meaningful work

At L&T, you get to do meaningful work because our task is to reuse everything created by humans and maintain properties in good condition. We make sure that absolutely everything – from plastic and metal to contaminated soil and space junk – is reused. It may take decades before we can recruit space junk collectors, but right now we have open vacancies here on earth.

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Be part of a team

At L&T, you will be working with competent and professional colleagues, who will support you every day. You will always receive the necessary orientation for your work. You will be part of the diverse L&T team. At work, we also want you to be yourself and shine. You can always ask your supervisor for help.

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Acquire work experience

Acquiring experience starts already on the first day of work. We make a written employment contract and pay a salary in line with the collective agreement. In cleaning, for example, summer employees’ level of salary corresponds with that of the trade sector. Many positions have flexible working hours and, if you want to, you can continue working in the autumn alongside your studies. In addition, in most positions, you get to move around and even listen to music while working, provided that you comply with occupational safety.

Summer job at L&T

  1. Annually over 1,000 summer jobs all around Finland

  2. Often you can start working as early as 14 years old with no previous experience

  3. Diverse range of clients including schools, stores, and factories

  4. Comprehensive training in correct and safe work methods

  5. Modern and safe tools and equipment

  6. Salary according to the collective agreement and a written employment contract

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Tasks of a summer cleaner

Working as a cleaner during the summer is meaningful! The work is physical, so it provides a good balance even for studying. You can also start working without any previous experience. Both full-time and part-time cleaning positions are available.

  • Independent work alone or as part of a team at designated customer sites

  • Daily maintenance cleaning and cleaning of facilities, as well as equipment maintenance

  • Assistance with modern and responsible tools and equipment

  • You will always receive training in the correct and safe work methods

  • Shifts based on the location, in the mornings, during the day, or in the evenings

  • Previous experience or education is not required, but knowledge of the Finnish language or a B driver's license may be advantageous

Experiences of our summer cleaners

In the video, our summer cleaners talk about their work at L&T.

Tasks of a summer driver

Working as a waste truck driver or assistant driver during the summer offers fast-paced work days! The work is diverse and requires good physical fitness and a good service attitude. At L&T, you can work as a waste truck driver or assistant driver during the summer.

  • Independent collection of waste on a pre-determined route in morning or evening shifts between 6 am and 10 pm

  • Requires a C driver's license, professional competence, and driving experience

  • Physically demanding as there are hundreds of waste containers to be emptied or loading and unloading of the truck

  • Requires a service attitude as the work takes place in tight customer locations and traffic jams

  • Modern equipment and tools with vehicle terminals and smartphones are provided

  • Comprehensive training in correct and safe working and driving methods provided for support

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Tasks of a summer maintenance worker

Working as a property caretaker during the summer is meaningful! The work is physical and mostly done outdoors, so it provides a good balance for studying. You can also start working without any previous experience.

  • Various property maintenance tasks at designated commercial and residential properties with a partner or a small team

  • Mowing grass, trimming bushes, outdoor area maintenance, machine maintenance, and landscaping tasks

  • Modern tools, equipment, and devices are provided (including a work phone)

  • Often requires a B driver's license and a work safety card is advantageous

  • You will receive training in correct and safe work methods and equipment handling

  • Shifts often focus on mornings, and work is primarily done between 6 am and 4 pm

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Summer job in the office

Working in an office during the summer is meaningful, even if you work only at a desk. In addition, you will have nice colleagues and you will definitely learn something new.

  • Various office tasks in Jyväskylä, Tampere, or Helsinki, such as customer service, invoicing, payroll, or accounts receivable

  • The work is always related to circular economy or property services, or both

  • Includes customer service, problem-solving, and management of contracts and orders

  • Daily use of multiple different systems, so the ability to learn new things is advantageous

  • Working hours are usually on weekdays from 7 am to 5 pm as part of a designated team, and hybrid work may also be possible by agreement

  • Advantageous qualities include a good service attitude, teamwork skills, initiative, and accuracy

  • Ongoing studies in the relevant field are advantageous

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Industrial seasonal tasks

 Every year, we perform maintenance shutdowns at dozens of factories across Finland, and we need eager and productive process cleaners to supplement our regular team. Industrial seasonal jobs require energy, accuracy, and strength, but no training or experience in the field is required.

  • The tasks are varied, diverse, and require a good attitude and physical fitness

  • Work is done with a partner or a small team, sometimes in challenging locations

  • Safe and modern equipment and gear are provided for the work

  • The work requires a C driver's license and a valid professional driver's qualification

  • Comprehensive training is provided for the equipment as well as correct and safe work methods

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Summer job application starts

 The summer job application starts in January-February. Check out the open summer job positions on our website and find a summer job that interests you. Prepare for job application by writing a cover letter and updating your CV.



Submit your job application

Complete the job application in the recruitment system by creating your own applicant profile or logging into your existing profile.



Prepare for the interview

You will receive information about the progress via email or phone no later than the end of the application process. We will organize interviews at our offices or remotely via Teams or phone.



Signing the contract

If you were selected, you will next sign the employment contract under the guidance of your supervisor. If you were not selected, there are still other great job opportunities, so stay tuned for new open summer positions.



Summer jobs start

Earn and gain experience from the first day. You will always receive training right from the start. And enjoy the summer! At the end of the summer, you will receive a written certificate of employment.