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Experiences of L&T as an employer

L&T employees feel that they are working for tomorrow and doing meaningful work for the circular economy. The best things at L&T are competent colleagues and the opportunity to always learn something new.


I am extremely grateful that my supervisor is a person I can talk to honestly about everything. There is always a quick solution to every problem, and that's why I enjoy it so much. In addition, I enjoy cleaning and working with people, so this job is like it was made for me.
Hilkka, Cleaner Over 40 years in the industry, over 20 years at L&T

The colleagues and supervisors are really nice. Not a single work day has been dull, as it is enjoyable to come to work due to the good work atmosphere. I appreciate that they take good care of ensuring that employees have sufficient resources and knowledge and skills to work safely in all work situations.

Jorma, Carbage truck driver At L&T since 2020, first at summer job
My father worked here, as did my grandfather, and I ended up here as well. And why not, there are plenty of challenges, opportunities for development and career paths, if there is enough interest. In addition, the work group has a good and relaxed teasing atmosphere. A sense of humor is needed in these jobs, without it you may not enjoy it.
Matias, Process Cleaner Over 10 years at L&T

We have an awesome team and you learn something new at least every week! In this job, we also genuinely do good for the circular economy and work for tomorrow. In addition, in our big company, there are also good opportunities to progress to new tasks in your career within the organization.

Eveliina, Customer Advisor Over 5 years at L&T
L&T is a large company that operates throughout Finland. Here, everyone does their job well and growth is possible. It seems like a safe workplace. In a big organization, there are always the advantages of a big organization as well.
Markku, Supervisor At L&T since 2021
The work community is amazing. Colleagues always help and my supervisor is absolutely fantastic. There is a feeling that employees are cared for and valued.
Jani, Accounts Payable Clerk At L&T since 2022
Environmental responsibility was one of the most important criteria when choosing a workplace. It is important to me that what I do is beneficial for society. I couldn't work in a gaming or tobacco company. That's why I chose L&T as my workplace.
Natalja, ICT Architect At L&T since 2022
I enjoy variety and at L&T, I have been able to influence things and develop new things from many perspectives. I have learned a lot and have been able to do very different tasks. There hasn't been two similar work days.

Katja, Development Manager Over 15 years at L&T
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Join us and do meaningful work

L&T employees feel that they are doing meaningful work, as we promote the circular economy and keep the wheels of everyday life turning.

Employee stories

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Together with our customers, we keep materials, properties, and factories in productive use for as long as possible, and we optimize the use of raw materials and energy.

L&T is an important link in the circular economy. It is rewarding to do work that has meaning, and this work is meaningful.

Eero Hautaniemi President and CEO