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Salary and employee benefits

When working at L&T, you will always receive a salary according to the agreement and get to work in a financially stable company where things are handled as agreed.



Salary and remuneration

At L&T, factors affecting your salary include, among others, the content and complexity of the task, skills, performance and experience, as well as possibly the salary provisions of the applicable collective agreement.

Common employee benefits and rewards

Below you will find the common benefits that apply to all L&T employees. Some L&T affiliated companies may have additional company-specific benefits that are not mentioned here.


Occupational health services

When working at L&T, you will receive more comprehensive occupational health care than usual. The goal of occupational health care is to ensure healthy and safe working conditions and promote the health and work ability of employees. In addition, as a member of the sickness fund, you are entitled to reimbursements for services such as dental care, massage therapy, physiotherapy, and eyeglasses.

Exercise benefits

L&T wants to encourage you to exercise, so as an L&T employee, you will receive various discounts on almost all of Finland's largest fitness center chains. In addition, some companies use ePassi's sports benefit. For more detailed information about the exercise benefits, please contact your supervisor.

Tools, equipment, and flexible working hours

As an employee of L&T, you will always have access to modern tools and equipment required for your tasks, as well as machinery. Additionally, in many positions, there are opportunities to utilize various contract-based flexible working hour arrangements. For specific information about the flexibility options available in your position, please consult your supervisor. For example, in expert or managerial roles, you can utilize flextime in your work. Additionally, in these positions, it is also possible to work in a hybrid manner.

Staff discounts

As an employee of L&T, you will receive staff discounts on services provided by L&T, such as waste management or sewer maintenance. In addition, you will receive interesting and useful purchasing benefits when acquiring products and services from selected suppliers, such as cleaning agents and various tools.

Gifts and acknowledgments

As an L&T employee, you will be recognized for your long service and on certain personal milestones. For example, when you turn 50, 60 or 70, or when you have worked at L&T for over 10 years, you can choose a gift from a selection of options.

Phone or car benefits

In selected positions, it is possible to have access to a phone and/or a car benefit. Additionally, in almost all of our locations, there is the possibility of free parking during your work shift or day. For more information about these potential benefits, please contact your supervisor.