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Were you invited to a job interview? Check out how to prepare

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After processing your CV and application, you will hopefully be invited for an interview. You might be nervous about the interview, but don’t worry, you can also practice the job interview situation in advance.


Practice makes perfect, so attending interviews will help you improve and gain more confidence. Duunari Corner compiled tips to help you ace your job interview.

1. Find out where the interview is and how to get there in advance

Check where the interview will be held the day before. You should also check how you can get there. It is a good idea to figure out the public transport schedule or car parking facilities in advance, so you are sure to arrive on time.

By being on time, you avoid extra stress and can gather your thoughts in peace. This will also ensure your performance in the interview. So, make sure you have enough time to have a cup of coffee or just time to breathe before the interview starts.

2. Go through the job advert before the interview

You did save the job advert text? Read it one more time before the interview! The job advert text presents the qualities relevant to the task, so make sure to think about these in advance. The interviewer is often interested in hearing why they should select you for the position and what motivates you.

3. Give an energetic impression of yourself

You only get one chance to give a first impression. Pay attention to how you behave yourself in an interview: present yourself, look the interviewer in the eye instead of letting your eyes wonder around the room, and use an energetic and clear tone of voice. Be genuine and honest: you can say it out loud if you feel nervous.

Remember to dress appropriately and that you have a neat appearance. This way you communicate that you appreciate the interview situation and are properly prepared for it.

4. Write down questions and ask them in the interview

Was there something in the job task or company that you were unsure of? Write the questions down and bring them to the interview – this way, you will remember them when it is your turn to ask questions from the recruiter.

The questions also give the recruiter an interested and motivated impression of you: this shows that you have done research about the company and the job description.

5. Take your CV with you so you can use it for support

What if my mind goes blank? Print out your CV, take it with you and keep it in front of you in the interview. You can look for your CV for support if you lose your train of thought in the interview.

6. Is the interview conducted remotely? Make sure the technology works smoothly

Are you being interviewed remotely? Check that the software works and make sure your computer and headphones are fully charged and that your microphone works. Select a quiet and well-illuminated space with no extra noise or distractions.

If your task is to answer to recorded questions, you can outline your answers in advance. However, try not to read directly from paper. Answer the questions in an energetic tone of voice and you will succeed.

Wishing you the best of luck in your job search,
L&T’s recruitment team


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