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Employee story

Refrigeration technology professional saves energy

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Refrigeration equipment in shops eats up lots of energy that could be saved with the right measures. Jussi Friman’s job is to design refrigeration equipment and train people to use it.

Did you know that L&T has expertise in comprehensive refrigeration services? Refrigeration professionals both design, construct, and maintain refrigeration systems, cooling systems, and heat pump solutions for both retail and other customers.

“The work includes designing the automation, electricity system and piping of refrigeration equipment. I am also responsible for the implementation of the equipment and other matters related to the project,” says refrigeration expertJussi Friman.

L&T is also responsible for the maintenance and adjustment of the equipment throughout its entire life cycle. At Seinäjoki, L&T oversees the refrigeration equipment of approximately 150 customers. There are sites all around Finland, but most are dealt with through remote monitoring.

Friman, who is a trained automation engineer, enjoys the freedom his job offers.

“The work is done according to the customer’s specs and in co-operation with contractors, but otherwise I get to make independent decisions. The job provides opportunities to develop new solutions and work methods and expand your own skill set through doing so.”

After the equipment is implemented, the customer’s – for example a shop’s – staff is trained in using it. This ensures the staff or security company knows how to react to any alerts in the refrigeration system. In addition, the staff must be able to monitor the equipment’s temperatures and general functionality.

Better cooling with carbon dioxide

Friman’s work is topical due to new legislation regulating the use of refrigerants in refrigeration systems. Starting in 2020, new equipment is no longer allowed to use refrigerants with a GWP index of over 2,500. The index describes a refrigerant’s harmful impact on the atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide is a better solution than the substances currently in use because its index is 1. In a closed cycle it is a safe, environmentally friendly refrigerant with a great rate of utilisation. The frequently used R404A is a greenhouse gas that is 4,000 times more harmful than carbon dioxide.

Thanks to new equipment and good design, Friman’s work benefits both the environment and the customers.

“The new system helps the customer save money through heat recovery and self-regulation”, Friman explains.

The design process is carried out in close contact with the customer placing the order as well as the end user.

“It’s nice to work with a customer who sees the value and benefits of your work from the standpoint of energy efficiency, operational reliability and environmental impact. A smart customer also understands the circumstantial challenges that arise in a large entity.”

Jussi Friman potretit_018.jpg Lassikon juttukuva

All materials are recycled

Jussi Friman’s work is tightly connected with the circular economy.

“We can do our part by delivering old materials to be appropriately recycled or destroyed. Equipment that is no longer being used is broken down and its parts and materials are properly recycled. We put environment first and create hope in the future through that.”

Published 4.2.2020