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L&t regroups organisation - Industrial Services and Environmental Services to be combined

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LASSILA & TIKANOJA PLC	COMPANY ANNOUNCEMENT                                     
12 May 2009  8.00 am                                                         


Lassila & Tikanoja's business operations will be regrouped into three divisions:
Environmental Services, Property and Office Support Services and Renewable      
Energy Sources (L&T Biowatti). The Industrial Services division will be combined
with the Environmental Services division. The new structure will enter into     
force on 1 June 2009.                                                           

By the regrouping L&T aims at a more cost-efficient and customer orientated     
operating model. The combining of the organisations of Environmental Services   
and Industrial Services allows more efficient use of resources.                 

The company's internal reporting, as well as the segments reported externally,  
will be changed to reflect the new divisions at the beginning of 2010. In 2009, 
the financial reporting segments are Environmental Services, Property and Office
Support Services and Industrial Services.                                       

Jorma Mikkonen, Vice President, Industrial Services has been appointed Vice     
President, Environmental Services. Anna-Maija Apajalahti continues in her       
position as Vice President, Property and Office Support Services and Kari Lahti 
will be responsible for Renewable Energy Sources as Managing Director of L&T    
Biowatti Oy. Arto Nivalainen, current Vice President, Environmental Services,   
will continue in the company until 31 August 2010. He will be responsible for   
certain ongoing and starting development and investment projects and will       
continue as a member of the Board of Directors of L&T Biowatti Oy. L&T's Group  
Executives will remain as at present.                                           

LASSILA & TIKANOJA PLC                                                          

Jari Sarjo                                                                      
President and CEO                                                               

For additional information please contact Jari Sarjo, President and CEO, tel.   
+358 10 636 2810.                                                               

Lassila & Tikanoja specialises in environmental management and property and     
plant support services and is a leading supplier of wood-based biofuels,        
recovered fuels and recycled raw materials. With operations in Finland, Sweden, 
Latvia and Russia, L&T employs 9,100 persons. Net sales in 2008 amounted to EUR 
606 million. L&T is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.                              

NASDAQ OMX Helsinki                                                             
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