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Share repurchase 27.5.2010

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Lassila & Tikanoja Plc                  ANNOUNCEMENT     27.5.2010              

SHARE REPURCHASE  27.5.2010                                                     

In the Helsinki Stock Exchange                                                  

Trade date              27.5.2010                                               
Bourse trade            BUY                                                     
Share                   LAT1V                                                   
Amount                  10.000        shares                                    
Total cost              137.543,97    EUR                                       
Average price/ share    13,7544       EUR                                       
Highest price/ share    13,79         EUR                                       
Lowest price/ share     13,74         EUR                                       

Lassila-Tikanoja Plc now holds a total of 94.910 shares                         
including the shares repurchased on 27.5.2010.                                  

On behalf of Lassila & Tikanoja plc                                             

Nordea Bank Finland Plc                                                         

Petri Simberg              Julius Summanen