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Shares subscribed for pursuant to share options

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Pursuant to the 2002C share options issued in 2002, 166,371 new shares were     
subscribed for after the previous entry in the Trade Register on 14 February    
2007. The share subscription price is EUR 11.46 per share.                      

As a result of these subscriptions, the company's registered share capital will 
increase by EUR 83,185.50 to EUR 19,358,045 and the number of the shares will   
increase to 38,716,090 shares.                                                  

The increase of the share capital should be entered in the Trade Register on 15 
May 2007. The new shares should be available for public trading on the Helsinki 
Stock Exchange on 16 May together with the existing shares.                     

A total of 280,000 2002C share options have been issued. A total of 274,000     
options have been granted to key persons. Until now, a total of 205,616 shares  
have been subscribed for. Pursuant to the remaining outstanding 2002C share     
options a maximum of 68,384 shares can be subscribed for. The subscription ends 
on 30 October 2007.                                                             

The Board of Directors of Lassila & Tikanoja plc will approve share             
subscriptions made pursuant to the share options next time on 30 July 2007.     

LASSILA & TIKANOJA PLC                                                          

Sirkka Tuomola                                                                  
Vice President and CFO                                                          

For additional information please contact Sirkka Tuomola, tel +358 10 636 2883.