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Industrial waste makes for valuable raw materials

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When industrial waste is efficiently recycled, it reaps benefits for both the environment and the company’s finances. Saara Tuhola improves herself along with her customers’ waste management.

Environmental Manager Saara Tuhola works on plenty of sites, both in terms of numbers and geography.

“I am responsible for several commercial centres in Tampere and one in Pori as well as one healthcare facility in Eastern Finland. I also work on several industrial sites in Pirkanmaa and Western Finland.”

One of the industrial customers in question is Oras Oy in Rauma. Tuhola is working on developing the tap manufacturer’s waste management and doing her part in promoting the circular economy.

“By optimising waste management, we are able to efficiently recycle the customer’s reusable materials. We make smart moves that benefit both our customer and the environment.”

The recycling of various waste fractions is made more efficient through measures such as choosing the right receptacles. Sometimes a smaller container is enough, sometimes it’s more efficient to switch over to a larger baling press or compactor.

Oras produces fractions that are typical for factories: cardboard, burnable waste, plastic film, wood waste and recyclable paper. Because the company has a foundry of its own, it creates various side streams, such as foundry sand from brass casting and metal waste.

“Together with the people at Oras we’ve created a system for sorting at the source that is as efficient as possible. What’s important is to place the receptacles near the source where the waste is produced. When sorting is made as easy as possible, it results in a rapid increase in recycling rates in reports.”

Good eye and decisions

Oras is served by a small but efficient L&T team that includes personnel and management from waste management and hazardous waste services in addition to Tuhola. Co-operation with Maintenance Manager Janne Nieminen and Plant Services Specialist Tomi Eskola from Oras is going swimmingly.

“Oras is giving it their all and a shared desire to develop things is the key to success. Personal chemistry is important, and an Environmental Manager needs to have an extroverted, service-oriented attitude”, Tuhola says.

An Environmental Manager needs to be self-reliant.

“You get to manage your own customer relationships in a very independent and free manner. You have to be active and able to seize matters and make decisions.”

Customer work also requires a good eye for the situation.

“If the customer doesn’t know what the best option is, we have to guide them, make recommendations and help them get started.”

potretit_011.jpg Saara Lassikon juttukuva

The evolution never stops

Saara Tuhola came to L&T a few years ago, but the environmental engineer has worked in the waste management business for seven years. Why is she good at her job?

“Because I find the field interesting, I want to constantly improve myself. That’s the only way I’ll be able to find the best solutions for the customer. The field is evolving at a rapid rate, and if you ever stop and think you’re done, you’ll hit a wall pretty quickly. That’s why this so interesting”, she muses.

The work is not just work; it involves a strong passion for creating a better tomorrow.

“When I think about the climate change and the state of natural resources, I get a little anxious myself. But if I can do anything to help mitigate these things through my own work, it’s rather great”, Tuhola says.

“This job really crystallises the fact that every individual’s choices matter. For example, sorting at the source is a team effort. When everybody does their part, it is reflected in the big picture.”

Published 6.2.2020


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