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Facility Services Finland

In Facility Services Finland we keep properties in productive use for as long as possible.

Kiinteistönhoitaja keskustelee asiakkaan kanssa
Kiinteistönhoitaja keskustelee asiakkaan kanssa

Clearly the most sustainable partner for the whole lifetime of our customers' facilities

Our goal is to improve the value of properties, extend their life cycle and create the best possible conditions for the users of facilities. We operate in all phases of the property's life cycle and reduce the repair debt of the built environment through continuous maintenance.

We make sure that the conditions are right in the properties under our care and that the properties remain in usable condition for as long as possible.

Key figures in 2023

250.0 M€

net sales

4.4 M€

operating profit 

We improve the value of properties and user satisfaction


Planned maintenance

We plan and implement property maintenance measures and ensure the functionality of property technology.


Enerfy efficiency

We improve the energy efficiency of properties with energy efficiency mapping and by optimizing the conditions of the properties.


Ease of use

With cleaning and support services, we ensure an easy and safe everyday life for property users and increase user comfort.

This is how we take care of properties every year


facilities under our maintenance


suggestions for better energy efficiency


The year 2023 in Facility Services Finland

Facility Services Finland's net sales fell to 250.0 million euros (256.3). Operating profit improved to EUR 4.4 million (-0.5).

In the latter half of 2022 the initiated measures to lighten the cost structure and improve operational efficiency continued in the industry the entire review period.