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Facility services Sweden

As an expert in technical property management, we build sustainable overall solutions together with our customers and at the same time reduce the repair debt of the built environment.

Kiinteistotekniikan työntekijä osoittaa taskulampulla
Kiinteistotekniikan työntekijä osoittaa taskulampulla

We increase the productivity of properties and improve comfort

In Facility Services Sweden the conditions of real estate are improved with the help of technical services and cleaning services. The goal is to increase the productivity of properties, increase their useful life and increase user satisfaction. We are experts in high-demand properties, such as hospitals and high-security facilities.

Key figures in 2023

133.2 M€

net sales

- 3.2 M€

operating profit

Kiinteistotekniikan asiantuntija toimistossa
Kiinteistotekniikka asiantuntija toimistossa

We work to ensure that what has been built once does not have to be dismantled

We operate in all phases of the property's life cycle by planning and implementing energy efficiency and property technology services. We ensure a smooth and safe everyday life for users with the help of cleaning services.


The year 2023 in Facility Services Sweden

The net sales of the Property Services Sweden division was 133.2 million euros (140.4). The decrease in turnover was due to the weakened exchange rate of the krona. Turnover in kroner increased. The operating result weakened to -3.7 million euros (0.4).

Operating profit before Depreciation of acquisition cost allocations for business transactions was -2.5 million euros (2,2).

Siivooja ja kiinteistöhoitaja istuvat portailla
Siivooja ja kiinteistöhoitaja istuvat portailla

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