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Code of conduct for L&T personnel

At Lassila & Tikanoja, responsible and ethical operating methods are the basic prerequisite for our operations. Responsible and fair business is a prerequisite for maintaining a good working environment and maintaining and strengthening trust among our key stakeholders. In addition to legislation, our operations are guided by various national and international commitments as well as L&T's own policies and guidelines.

Työntekijät näyttävät peukkua kameralle
Työntekijät näyttävät peukkua kameralle

Right solutions in everyday life

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to set expectations for the responsible and ethical activities of L&T employees and to help L&T employees make the right decisions in their daily work. L&T and all its employees are committed to complying with L&T's ethical operating principles. We also require responsible operating methods from our partners.

Kouluttaja perehdyttämässä työntekijöitä
Kouluttaja perehdyttämässä työntekijöitä

Focusing in orientation and training

All new people starting at L&T are introduced to the instructions using practical examples. In addition, the instructions are regularly reminded. The supervisors' task is to familiarize the personnel with the content and practical application of the instructions. Each employee must ensure that they understand the content of the instructions. L&T's management monitors compliance with the instructions.

Code of Conduct for L&T personnel

1. We comply with laws and regulations

We are compliant with all the relevant legislation and official regulations as well as Finnish and international agreements.

Each employee must be familiar with the laws, regulations and agreements concerning their own work. Supervisors are responsible for providing the necessary induction training and for monitoring the employees. In situations where there is uncertainty, employees should ask their supervisor or another person in charge for advice.

2. Our actions are honest and transparent

Our administration is compliant with Finnish legislation and regulations, the company’s Articles of Association, the rules and regulations of Nasdaq Helsinki and the Finnish Corporate Governance Code for listed companies.

Good business practice and fair competition

We apply good business practices in all our operations. All business activities undertaken by L&T either in full or in part are structurally transparent and financially justified. We support fair competition and always comply with the legislation governing competition. We never discuss matters related to competition or agree on pricing or terms of sale with our competitors.

Securing property

We manage our finances diligently and in adherence to all relevant legislation and regulations. We take care of L&T’s property and do not use it for unauthorised purposes or for pursuing personal advantage. Separate instructions are given on the use of company property and equipment.

Protecting confidential information

We ensure the safety of L&T’s own confidential materials as well as of those we have received from our customers and other business partners. We respect our customers’ privacy and take all the necessary data protection measures. Our data protection principles are further described in our data protection policy.

Payment of taxes

We are compliant with local legislation in the payment, collection, accounting and reporting of our taxes. We report our tax footprint in a transparent manner.

3. Our actions are in the interest of the company

Our actions are in the interests of L&T, and we work to help L&T succeed. Our actions must not cause harm to L&T or be influenced by our personal interests. We do not participate in activities directly or indirectly in competition with L&T.

Relationships with suppliers and service providers

Personal family or economic relationships with persons employed by a supplier or service provider do not affect our decision-making, which is always in the best interests of L&T. All our procurement decisions are based on competitive supplier agreements. Further instructions are available in the L&T procurement policy.

Anti-corruption and bribery

We do not give or accept bribes to boost or support our business operations. We do not offer or accept any acts of hospitality or gifts that could affect decision-making in our business activities and could be construed as exceeding the limits of normal politeness and hospitality. Acceptable hospitality or any given gifts must be reasonable, must always be given in an open manner and only occasionally and may not result in obligations or separate expectations for the giver or recipient. Separate instructions are provided on business gifts and avoiding conflicts of interest.

We adhere to a separately defined permit procedure to ensure that all of our customer events are appropriate and that all sponsorships and supporting marketing operations are transparent. We do not make direct donations to political parties.

4. We respect human rights

In its own operations and supply chain, L&T is committed to respecting and supporting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, workers’ rights as defined by the International Labour Organization (ILO), international agreements and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We are also committed to the principles of the UN Global Compact initiative.

We listen to our stakeholders and take into account their different views in the development of our operations. We address potential issues in order to rectify any related effects that we observe.

Human rights and workers’ rights

In our employment relationships, we honour national legislation and agreements, and we respect our employees’ freedom to unionise.

Zero tolerance for child labour and forced labour

We do not tolerate the use of child labour, human trafficking, any form of forced labour or any other practices that violate basic human rights in our own operations or as part of our supply chain.

6. We respect each other and our workplace

We treat each other fairly and equally. We respect the dignity, privacy and rights of each individual, and we will not tolerate any kind of discrimination, intimidation, harassment or other inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.

Anti-discrimination and diversity

We do not tolerate any discrimination, harassment, bullying, racism or other inappropriate behaviour. We do not discriminate based on gender, gender identity or gender expression, age, ethnicity, nationality, language, religion, ideology, opinions, political activities, union activities, family relations, health, disability or any other reason pertaining to an individual.

We promote equality and diversity. Equality, non-discrimination and fairness are core principles in all our HR matters, including recruitment, salaries and career progression.

We actively support diversity in our work community, which includes individuals from different cultural backgrounds, individuals with different ages, skills, education backgrounds and varying levels of work ability.

7. Occupational safety is important to us

The goal of our occupational safety operations is to guarantee a safe workplace for all employees. We are committed to the idea of zero accidents and we believe that all accidents can be prevented. Our occupational safety activities are guided by an ISO 45001-certified management system.

We adhere to the occupational health and safety legislation governing all our activities and observe safety instructions in all our daily operations. We will handle all actions and behaviour in violation of the applicable legislation and given instructions immediately and in accordance with mutually agreed upon rules. We survey the hazards and risks of our services and diverse tasks in advance in order to eliminate or minimise the risks.

Our occupational safety practices are further detailed in our occupational safety principles. We require the same of all our subcontractors and partners.

8. We make no compromises on our environmental responsibilities

We want to contribute to solving the societal issues related to climate change and sustainable circular economy. Managing environmental effects is part of L&T’s daily operations. All our operations are compliant with environmental legislation, regulations and permits. Our environmental management system has been certified according to the ISO 14001 standard.

Promoting the circular economy

We are constantly developing new methods and processes for promoting circular economy and for reducing our environmental impact.

Minimising our own environmental impact

For us to succeed in the work we do for our customers, we must set an example in our own operations. In our own operations, we promote the sustainable use of natural resources by preventing waste and by improving the recycling of materials. We take measures to mitigate climate change.

We monitor the emissions and environmental effects related to our own operations. We aim to minimise the environmental impact of our own operations through effective self-monitoring, open and continuous co-operation with the authorities and quick intervention when issues are observed.


We also promote the sustainable use of natural resources with our partners and require emissions reductions from our supply chain. We only hand waste over to operators that are authorised to receive or process it. We require that our partners and suppliers manage environmental issues in a responsible manner.

In the L&T environmental policy, we further specify the environmental aspects and principles that we observe both in our own operations as well as in the services we produce for our customers.

9. We require responsible actions from our suppliers

We require that our suppliers are compliant with the relevant laws and agreements as well as with the L&T sustainability principles.

Co-operation between a new supplier and L&T may only begin once the supplier’s responsible conduct has been ascertained, the supplier has committed to our ethical operating principles (Code Of Conduct for suppliers) and the supplier has completed the self-assessment questionnaire.

Supplier quality and performance is monitored in a manner appropriate for the service or product in question. Sourcing guidelines ensure that the procurement process is transparent and suppliers meet the relevant requirements and specifications. Suppliers are audited annually based on risk assessments.

10. We take action against misconduct

L&T is committed to operating in a transparent and open manner. All L&T employees must follow the L&T Code of Conduct and strive to prevent actions that are contrary to these guidelines.

Regarding conduct in violation of the instructions, L&T employees must primarily inform their own supervisor. In addition, L&T has a confidential whistleblowing channel, which can be used to submit a report if there is reason to suspect that the Code of Conduct’s guidelines have been violated or if there is reason to suspect other kinds of misconduct. Reports can be submitted to the Group’s common whistleblowing channel. The whistleblowing channel procedure has been implemented in all of our countries of operation.

You can submit a report here.

Updating the instructions

The Lassila & Tikanoja plc Board of Directors has approved these instructions on 8.2.2023. The instructions are regularly reviewed and updated so that they always remain consistent with currently valid regulations and corporate objectives.