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Monimuotoinen työyhteisö

Social responsbility

The focus of L&T's social responsibility is on its own personnel. We want everyone to be able to come to work for us as they are and be comfortable with us for as long as possible. Our goal is diverse, professional and well-being personnel.

Employed by tomorrow

With us, everyone gets to work to ensure that the resources are sufficient beyond tomorrow. Our most essential areas of personnel responsibility are diversity, strengthening personnel satisfaction, maintaining the personnel's ability to work and improving occupational safety. We also actively employ people who otherwise find it difficult to find work and get employed in today's labor market.

Key targets and indicators


Occupational safety

By 2026, we aim to achieve a total recordable incident frequency (TRIF) of 20.


Promoting health

By 2026, we aim to achieve a health percentage of over 57% and sickness-related absence percentage under 4.3%.


Satisfied personnel

By 2026, we aim to achieve an eNPS of 50.

Read more about the focal points of our social responsibility:

Monimuotoinen työyhteisö
Monimuotoinen työyhteisö

Diverse work community

Consciously building a diverse and equal work community is one of our greatest assets. We develop our culture and operating methods with the aim of making it even easier for employees from diverse backgrounds to join our organisation, enjoy being part of our community and, through employment, becoming integrated in Finnish society. Our aim is to increase awareness of equality and non-discrimination and to enable a fair and good working life for everyone.

Asentajia työturvallisuuden mukaisissa työvaatteissa
Asentajia työturvallisuuden mukaisissa työvaatteissa

Developing occupational safety

We are committed to the idea of zero accidents, and we believe that all accidents can be prevented. We want everyone to go home healthy at the end of each day.

Pyöräilijä rannalla
Pyöräilijä rannalla

Well-being of our work community

As a large employer and service company, we bear social responsibility by looking after the occupational well-being and work ability of our personnel. In work ability management, our focus is on proactive measures, such as activities aimed at maintaining and improving employees’ fitness for work and strengthening the day-to-day management skills of supervisors.