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Tavoitteenamme on viestiä avoimesti sidosryhmillemme tekemästämme työstä vastuullisemman yritystoiminnan eteen ja julkaisemme osana osavuosikatsaustamme kuluneen kauden vastuullisuustulokset ja -kohokohdat.
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Quarter's sustainability results 2022

Read about our sustainability performance in 2022. 

Sustainability results of Q4/2022

-534 500 TCO2-ekv.

The positive climate effects of L&T's operations, i.e. the carbon footprint

646 gCO2-ekv./km

Emissions from L&T's operations and supply chain, i.e. carbon footprint intensity.

59,4 %

Recycling rate of materials in L&T's possession


L&T's overall accident frequency

40 %

Healt rate

5,6 %

Sickness-related absences

Highlights from our sustainability work in 2022

Ihmiset kaupungissa
Ihmiset kaupungissa

B rating from the CDP assessment

Lassila & Tikanoja received a Management level "B" rating for its climate operations in CDP's assessment. CDP is an international non-profit organization that evaluates the environmental work done by companies annually. The classifications it gives are based on the extent of reporting, the identification and management of environmental risks, and compliance with the best practices of environmental management. The rating can range from D-A, where A is the executive level rating.


Platinum recognition from Ecovadis

EcoVadis, which evaluates international corporate responsibility, gave Lassila & Tikanoja Platinum recognition. Of the approximately 90,000 companies evaluated by EcoVadis, only one percent gets a Platinum result.

Development of our sustainability results in 2022

Q1/2022 Q2/2022 Q3/2022 Q4/2022 Target (to be achieved by)

The whole report can be found from our latest interim report

A more detailed report of our sustainability work can always be found in our interim report.