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Development of occupational safety

We are committed to zero-accident thinking and believe that all accidents are preventable. The goal of the long-term work is to make our personnel realize that everyone can influence occupational safety.

This is how we implement occupational safety every year


total recoradble injury frequency (TRIF)


safety observations


safety walks

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Our goal is to learn to think and act in such a way that all work accidents are avoidable.

This is how we promote occupational safety


Proactive actions

Safety observations, safety walks, safety briefings and other proactive actions are part of our daily work and help us identify risks in advance.



We increase our personnel's level of knowledge about occupational safety and risks as part of an orientation program and through training and information attacks.



We carefully review the accidents that have occurred and do continuous development work so that another accident does not occur due to the same issue.

Vaarallisten jätteiden kuljettaja
Vaarallisten jätteiden kuljettaja

Safety work according to standards

Occupational safety activities at L&T are guided by a management system certified in accordance with the ISO 45001 standard and an occupational safety policy. Safety is on the agenda of the meetings starting from the management team, and safety development is reported monthly to the management team and the board of directors, as well as to industries down to the unit level.

Asiantuntija tutkii puhelinta
Asiantuntija tutkii puhelinta

The number of accidents decreased by up to 66%

L&T has managed to develop occupational safety through long-term and systematic work. Over the past 15 years, the number of accidents in relation to a million working hours has decreased by 66%. Proactive occupational safety measures have played a significant role in reducing the number of occupational accidents. The participation activity of the personnel has also increased and more and more people are doing active preventive occupational safety work.

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14 years without accidents

L&T has many offices where occupational safety is at an exemplary level. For example, five accident-free years have been spent in Vaasa, seven in Pori and even 14 in Raahe. In the Raahe office, you must not use the word "hurry", as it increases the feeling of haste and therefore carelessness.

Vaarallisten jätteiden kuljettaja
Vaarallisten jätteiden kuljettaja

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