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Private customer billing

On this page, you will find answers to the most common questions related to ordering and billing. If you can't find the answer you need here, please contact our billing department.

Frequently asked billing questions

How does L&T issue invoices?

L&T issues invoices electronically and via paper post.

For individual customers, we recommend e-invoicing, for which we do not charge a billing service fee. You can set up an e-invoice agreement personally in your own online bank using the reference number of the previous invoice as the identification number. Changes and cancellations to the e-invoice agreement are also made through your online bank. Your bank will notify L&T of any e-invoice agreement and its changes. Unfortunately, we do not send invoices by email.

A paper invoice is also possible for individual customers. We charge a billing service fee of €2.65 per invoice (incl. VAT 24%) for paper and direct debit invoices for waste and sewer maintenance services for individual customers. Please note that an environmentally friendly electronic invoice arrives faster than an invoice sent via paper mail.

How do I proceed if I have paid the invoice with incorrect details?

If you have paid the invoice with incorrect details, please contact our customer service.

How can I notify a change in billing address?

You can make changes to the billing information directly through an electronic form. Please note that it is important to indicate whether the change is due to a post-move address change or a change in the payer's details. It is advisable to notify L&T at least one month in advance, and the change will be reflected in future invoices.

Can the due date of the invoice I received be postponed?

Unfortunately, the due date of an invoice sent by L&T cannot be postponed. If there is a delay in the payment, you will receive a payment reminder from us, which can be paid using the details provided in the reminder. We charge a fee of 5 euros for sending a payment reminder. If the payment is further delayed, the invoice will be transferred to a debt collection agency. If necessary, you can contact the collection agency to arrange a payment plan.

I have received a credit invoice, how do I get a refund?

A credit invoice is not automatically applied to the next open invoice. If you would like to allocate the credit invoice to an open invoice, please provide us with the numbers of the credit invoice and the open invoice, so we can make the allocation based on the information you provide.

If you would like the credited amount to be refunded in cash, please inform us of the number of the credit invoice you received and your bank account number using the billing form (for individual customers). The refund should appear in your account within approximately two weeks of processing your contact.

My collection frequency is once a month on Thursdays. Why was I charged for two collection visits for a certain month?

Collection frequencies are based on weeks, not months, so in this case, the collection frequency is every four weeks. For example, in September 2022, there are five Thursdays, which is why the collection visits might be on the 1st and the 29th of September.

In accordance with the general terms and conditions for consumer customers, L&T may, if necessary, shift the collection day by +-3 weekdays. Even though the collection day would primarily be on a Monday, for example, you should be prepared for a potential flexibility in the collection date.

Who is authorized to order services or make changes to my existing contract?

Contracts are always personal, and therefore only the contract holder can make changes to the subscribed services or place additional orders. When making the contract, we identify the account with the help of the personal identification number. If you wish, you can authorize, for example, your spouse to make changes to the services you have ordered.

Billing contact information

Facility services billing for private customers

You can call this number if your issue relates to facility services billing

Sorry, nothing was found here.

The cost of the call is your mobile or local network rate for your subscription, including the time spent in the queue.

When calling from abroad, the price is the same as the cost of a call to Finland.

The cost of the call is your mobile or local network rate for your subscription, including the time spent in the queue.

When calling from abroad, the price is the same as the cost of a call to Finland.


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