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Enriching biodiversity

Biodiversity has decreased significantly during the last decades. The effects of nature loss can already be seen in, among other things, the reduction of pollinators, increasing flood levels and impoverishment of the soil. Our goal is to have a positive impact on natural diversity, especially in the built environment.

This is how we mitigate biodiversity loss every year


m2 of land converted into meadows for our customers


m2 of pollinator populations removed


treated industrial side streams and landmasses.

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Our goal is to mitigate the biodiversity loss especially in a built environment.
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The circular economy plays a key role in mitigating biodiversity loss

Circular economy solutions can effectively combat nature loss. The importance of the circular economy in curbing nature loss is based on the fact that materials would circulate efficiently, in which case untouched nature and its resources would need to be used as little as possible.

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Cleaning the waters returns the water back into circulation

Cleaning and recirculating water plays an essential role in preserving biodiversity. We are constantly trying to find new solutions to reduce water use.

L&T's main environmental impacts of its own operations are related to water and land use, especially in L&T's processing and storage areas and waste treatment sites.

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Promoting biodiversity as part of the 2022 sustainability program

In 2022, we added biodiversity to our responsibility program. We have identified three perspectives in our operations through which we promote the realization of natural diversity:

Enriching biodiversity


Environmental construction

We restore polluted land areas and enable the reuse of soil in construction.


Water purification

We clean waste water and process industrial process water so that it can be safely returned to circulation.



We increase the biodiversity in the urban environment with a pleasant spectrum of life and a pleasant and comfortable living environment.

Using sustainable raw materials


Circular economy

Our goal is to promote circular consumption in society. We keep the materials in circulation and make it possible for recycled raw materials to always be the first choice over virgin ones.


Promoting the lifespan of properties

We take care of the condition of the built environment, so that what has been built once does not have to be demolished.

Mitigating climate change


Reducing own emissions

We invest in emission-free and low-emission vehicles, economical driving style and route optimization. The electricity used in our properties is emission-free.


Reducing emissions of supply chain

L&T has developed the climate work of the supply chain by, among other things, setting new emission targets for transport subcontracting, developing emission reporting and bringing supplier-specific emission data into the scope of reporting.


Energy efficiency solutions for customers

We improve our customers' energy efficiency with the help of our services.

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Impressive nature work needs research work to support it

Preservation of natural diversity requires research work and practical tools to support truly impressive and comparable nature work. At L&T, we actively participate in various projects and strive to find ways to develop our own biodiversity work. Among other things, we are involved in:

  • In the Co Carbon project, which investigates the role of urban greenery as a carbon sink and how the maintenance and care of green areas help bind carbon.
  • In the pilot program of FIBS and Sitra, testing the guidelines for science-based nature goals.

Read about our biodiversity work in 2023

In 2023, we took many concrete actions for the benefit of nature. You can read more about them in our annual report.