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Enabling the circular economy

The circular economy plays a key role with regard to climate action and biodiversity. L&T promotes the transition to the circular economy in its own operations as well as in its customers’ operations. 

How we make the circular economy a reality each year

We continuously develop new services that promote the circular economy, and our aim is to increase the use of recycled raw materials instead of virgin raw materials.


our customers' recycling rate in 2023


tons of conventional waste material collected from our customers in 2023


tons of hazardous waste collected from our customers sorted by place of origin in 2023


tons of industrial side streams, earth masses and sludge collected from our customers in 2023


tons of materials delivered for reuse and recycling in 2023

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With our help, you get forks from tuna cans.
Jäteauto kadulla
Jäteauto kadulla

We redirect valuable raw materials back into circulation

If we continue to live as we have until now, the Earth's resources will be used up in a few months. The task of the circular economy is to ensure that valuable materials are reused as efficiently as possible. At the same time, we reduce the use of virgin natural resources.


We operate in all stages of the materials value chain

Our mission in implementing the circular economy is to ensure that no materials are wasted. We help our customers reduce waste and recycle as much of it as possible. We turn waste materials into recycled raw materials from our further processing.

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New solutions move the circular economy forward

The circular economy requires more and more development work, such as closed cycle solutions and higher utilization of recycled raw materials. The most effective circular economy solutions are built together with customers and partners. Together with our customers, we have given a new life to coffee grounds, styrox boxes, wood and many other materials.

Vaarallisten jätteiden kuljettaja
Vaarallisten jätteiden kuljettaja

We turn hazardous waste into harmless and new products

When handled correctly, even hazardous waste can be used for a wide variety of purposes. All fractions processed in L&T's own facilities will continue to live in some other form. L&T, for example, recycles waste oil for reuse, and the glycol used in cooling systems ends up as a wood marking agent in forestry.

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This is how we promoted the circular economy in 2023

Read how our circular economy work progressed in the 2023 annual report.