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Management system

Our management system supports consistent operating methods. The management system is a tool with which our operations are planned, controlled and developed in a uniform manner.

Asiantuntija tutustuvat
Asiantuntija tutustuvat

The management system provides the tools to implement the strategy

The aim of the management system is to improve management practices, clarify the rules of the game and enhance the implementation of the strategy.

The management system includes jointly defined operating methods and provides work tools to implement the strategy and goals. The management system includes the management of L&T's quality and environmental issues as well as occupational health and safety issues.

Keskustelutilanne mies- ja naisoletetun välillä
Keskustelutilanne mies- ja naisoletetun välillä

Risk management is an essential part of the management system

Environmental, health and occupational safety risk management is an essential part of the management system. The well-being of the personnel, a safe working environment and being exemplary in environmental matters are factors that secure the development of the company and its operations.

Environmental and safety risks are assessed regularly and comprehensively at different organisational levels.

Kiinteistotekniikan asiantuntija osoittaa taskulampulla
Kiinteistotekniikan asiantuntija osoittaa taskulampulla

Audits help ensure compliance

In order to ensure compliance with the requirements, internal and external audits are systematically carried out in L&T's various operations. External audits are performed by customers, insurance companies, authorities and the certification institute DNV.

In addition, other inspections related to the environment and safety are carried out according to a separate plan. All deviations found in the audits are recorded in the electronic Toyme deviation system. For each deviation, the person responsible for the correction, the schedule and the corrective measures are assigned. The results of the audits are reported annually in the management review

ISO 9001-, ISO 14001- and ISO 45001-certified services

In addition to the company-level certificates, part of the service production is certified. The certificates have been granted by DNV.

  • Waste management

  • Recycling services (also L&T Muoviportti)

  • Data protection services

  • Tyre recycling services

  • Portable toilet services

  • Process cleaning

  • Hazardous waste collection and treatment services

  • Sewer maintenance services

  • Cleaning and support services

  • Food hygiene

  • Property maintenance services

  • Technical services in Sweden

  • L&T Alarm Centre