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Stakeholder engagement

We aim to engage in active and continuous dialogue with our stakeholders in order to strengthen our relationships and better understand the expectations, wishes and risks for L&T. We have identified six key stakeholders that have the greatest impact on our business and that are affected by our business the most. Our stakeholders are:

Our stakeholders

  • Customers

  • Personnel

  • Potential employees

  • Investors

  • National and regional decision-makers and influencers, including NGOs

  • Media

Expectations for our operations

We conduct an extensive stakeholder survey every two years and engage in regular stakeholder cooperation in order to chart the shareholder expectations to our operations comprehensively. We have crystallised these expectations to three key perspectives.


A leader in sustainable business

As the leader in its sector, L&T is expected to develop the entire business to the right direction for the community and to conduct itself correctly and sustainably in environmental matters.


A good employer

As a significant employer and service company, we are also expected to be a sustainable employer that takes care of the well-being of its personnel and treats its personnel appropriately and fairly.


A useful partner

L&T is expected to be a useful partner for its customers, developing new services and supporting customers in their work towards their goals as well as keeping our promises.