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Tavoitteenamme on viestiä avoimesti sidosryhmillemme tekemästämme työstä vastuullisemman yritystoiminnan eteen ja julkaisemme osana osavuosikatsaustamme kuluneen kauden vastuullisuustulokset ja -kohokohdat.
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Quarter's sustainability results 2023

L&T's responsibility work is guided and developed through the group's corporate responsibility program. Our goal is to communicate openly to our stakeholders about the work we do for more responsible business operations, and we publish the sustainability results and highlights of the past period as part of our interim report.

Sustainability results Q4/2023

-452,000 tCO2e

The positive climate effects of L&T's operations, i.e. the carbon footprint

31,200 tCO2e

Emissions from L&T's operations and supply chain, i.e. carbon footprint

57,2 %

Recycling rate of materials in L&T's possession


Overall accident frequency

41 %

Occupational health rate

4.9 %

Sickness-related absences

Highlights from the past quarter's sustainability work

Jäteauto puistossa
Jäteauto puistossa

Our carbon footprint decreased by 9 % compared to the previous year

In 2023, L&T's carbon footprint decreased by 9% compared to 2022. During the year, the upgrade of the fleet has continued with an even stronger shift towards emission-free technologies and low-emission fuels.

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L&T's climate work received international recognition

Lassila & Tikanoja excelled in the international comparison evaluating the climate work of companies, which is carried out annually by the global CDP evaluation system, which promotes a sustainable economy and the fight against climate change. In CDP's Climate Change assessment, L&T ranked among the world's top companies at the Leadership level with a rating of A-.

Development of sustainability results in 2023

Q1/2023 Q2/2023 Q3/2023 Q4/2023 Target (to be achieved by)

Read a more detailed report in the investors section

A more detailed report on the progress of the sustainability work can always be found in our interim report.